🌍 Summary

Orsat Ligorio PhD PhD is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade. He loves doing Indo-Iranian (particularly Avestan), Greek, and Phrygian, and, when not doing Indo-European linguistics, he enjoys science illustration, horror stories, and chess.

🎓 Work experience

Associate Professor

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Classics; Mar 2015 - Present.

Currently, I work at the University of Belgrade (2014‒22 Assistant Professor, 2023‒ Associate Professor) where I regularly teach Intro to Greek and Historical grammar of Greek and occasionally Intro to Sanskrit Advanced Sanskrit and Comparative Linguistics. Other than than I have taught a variety of extracurricular courses such as Intro to Old Persian, Intro to Old Avestan, Intro to Old Phrygian, etc. I enjoy teaching and try to get my students to feel excited about the many ancient Indo-European languages that puzzle us.

External Associate

SASA Institute for the Serbian Language, Department of Etymology; Mar 2015 - Present.

Apart from the University of Belgrade, I also work at the SASA Institute of the Serbian language where I am engaged on a project directed by A. Loma which aims to compile a new etymological dictionary of Serbo-Croatian, the Etimološki rječnik srpskog jezika. Currently, we're working on a segment of lexicon beginning in bl- and bo- and I routinely do Indo-European and Proto-Slavic etymologies for the inherited lexicon as well as Greek, Latin, Romanian, Italian, Illyrian, etc. etymologies for the borrowings.

🌟 Key Skills

  • Indo-European Linguistics
  • Research, 50+ publications
  • Teaching, 10+ years

🏛 Education

BA & MA in Classics & Linguistics

University of Zagreb; Sept 2004 ‒ Sept 2009.

I did my BA and MA at the University of Zagreb where I studied Classics and Linguistics. From the very start my focus was on the Indo-European Linguistics and I took Intro to Indo-European with M. Kapović, Intro to Sanskrit with M. Ježić and Historical Grammar of Latin, Historical Grammar of Balto-Slavic and Old Irish with R. Matasović. During this period Latin, Greek and Sanskrit were my fortes. I took another 15 or so courses in Indo-European at the Leiden Summer School of Indo-European Languages and Linguistics including Hittite with A. Kloekhorst, Lydian and Phrygian with A. Kloekhorst and A. Lubotsky, Tocharian with G.-J. Pinault, Vedic Sanskrit with V. Knobl, Avestan with M. de Vaan, Old Persian by A. Lubotsky, Mycenaean with J. L. García Ramón, Old Prussian with R. Derksen, Proto-Germanic with G. Kroonen, Old Norse with A. Quak, Old English with R. Bremmer, and Albanian by M. de Vaan. After going to Leiden I began taking a special interest in Phrygian and Iranian. I graduated summa cum laude with a final exam in Old Persian given by R. Matasović and a thesis on Serbo-Croatian supervised by M. Kapović. Also, during this period I briefly studied Japanese on the side.

PhD in Linguistics

University of Zadar; Sept 2010 ‒ Jul 2014.

During my time in Zadar, I worked on Latin and Slavic trying to figure out how to tell the relative age of different Latin loans in Common Slavic and Serbo-Croatian. My thesis was entitled Problem leksičke stratifikacije u adrijatistici (Stratifying the Lexicon in Adriatic studies) and was supervised by Nikola Vuletić. I’ve successfully defended it on July 7 2014.

PhD in Linguistics

University of Leiden; Sept 2010 ‒ Mar 2016.

In Leiden, I worked on Serbo-Croatian trying to figure out how did the so-called retraction of accent evolve. My thesis was entitled Serbo-Croatian Accent Retraction : Its Course and Character in the Dialect of Dubrovnik and was supervised by Alexander Lubotsky and Frederik Kortlandt. I’ve successfully defended it on March 15 2016.

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